Big Updates to Restrict Content Pro

Earlier this week Restrict Content Pro announced a huge new release and also an update to their pricing model. I’m super excited about both of these things and if you are a membership site owner (or builder) you should be too. Here are three reasons why.

1. New Life

As a developer specializing in membership sites, RCP has been my favorite goto membership plugin for a long time. The code is very clean and well documented and is by far the easiest membership plugin to customize that I’ve worked with.

The downside has been that it lacks some of the features available in some of the other plugins and has felt largely ignored compared with EDD and some of the other plugins maintained by Pippin and his team. If you’ve checked out the new RCP site or looked at the new 2.5 release it would seam that is all about to change. And that is great news!

2. Pricing and Add-ons

The new pricing structure is another great change and has taken on the model popularized by Gravity Forms and others.  The Ultimate license is a steal at a one time payment of $449!

You’ll also notice that the license structure now includes add-ons. I love this idea and have it on good authority that the list of pro add-ons will be growing quickly.

3. Subscription Upgrades and Proration

I had the tremendous privilege of contributing heavily to the 2.5 release just announced with over 2,000 lines of code. So you know it’s going to be good, right?

We added some great features, but the 2 that I wanted to highlight are Subscription Upgrade Paths and Upgrade Proration.

Subscription Upgrade Paths

Prior to the 2.5 release, members had to cancel their current subscription before being allowed to upgrade or downgrade. This is a really bad experience for users and can very easily result in the member canceling for good!

Now members will see an option in their account settings to upgrade/downgrade their subscription. I’ll follow up with a blog post later on how to customize the upgrade paths for different users.


This is another great feature that I’m super proud to have contributed to. Along with subscription upgrade paths, we wanted to create a way for users to be credited for their remaining subscription duration. So we built a system to calculate that proration amount and created a consistent experience regardless of the payment processor you use.

Oh, and as a bonus, your members now are able to see a detailed outline of the subscription charges and discounts before checking out.

There are a bunch of other really great features in the 2.5 release, and you should go check them out! In the meantime, if you have any concerns with the new release or questions about how to customize it, I’d be happy to help. Just go ahead and leave a comment below.

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