We’re not just developers.

We’re a team of strategists dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

1. Discovery

We kickoff every new client project with a discovery phase that is individually tailored to the project. By starting with discovery, we’re able to dive deep into the technical requirements of the project and scope out an accurate timeline, cost structure, and discover potential problems or oversights before any development work begins.

Throughout discovery, we’ll be doing the heavy lifting and you’ll only need to block off a couple of hours to fill out a project questionnaire and for a few short meetings with our strategists. At the end of discovery, we’ll present our findings to you which include a detailed plan for development, milestones, deliverables, and cost.

Discovery Process
2. Development

After we’ve finished discovery, we begin working on your project by breaking it down into smaller sections that we call sprints. Our engineering strategists and project managers will work together with any of our other developers assigned to your project to ensure that everything stays on track and that we’re exceeding your expectations.

We also strive to go above and beyond with communication so you’ll be kept up to date throughout the entire process. We’ll schedule regular meetings to give you updates and you will also have access to us through Slack for quick messages whenever you’d like to reach out. We’re big believers in transparency because, for us, it builds a foundation of trust and is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

3. Ongoing Support

Our team is dedicated to providing you ongoing support that scales as you do. Whether you only need a couple of hours of development time per month for bug fixes and minor changes or you’re looking to make serious ongoing progress, our team is here to help. Our development and support retainers allow you to seamlessly scale up or scale down depending on your needs.

You’ll have a dedicated team that knows your organization, your goals, and your technology. Similar to larger projects, ongoing support happens through dedicated sprints complete with regular scheduled meetings and access to our team via Slack.

Ongoing Support

Application Development

Whether you need your current application optimized for speed, are looking to add a few new features, or are looking to develop a new application from scratch, our team of strategists and engineers are ready to help.

SaaS & Product Development

In addition to working with clients, we've developed and continue to run our own SaaS product called StudyChurch. This unique insight into the inner workings of SaaS and product development allows us to better help you.

API Integration Development

Feel like you’re hitting roadblocks due to software tools like your CRM and payment gateway not talking to each other well? We can help streamline your processes through a custom API integration between tools.

Website Development

Your website is vital to the success of your organization. We can help you develop a website that combines beautiful design, conversion-optimized copy, and the fastest technology available to achieve your goals.

WordPress Development

We love WordPress. We run a WordPress plugin store called Skillful Plugins, have written some of the code that powers WordPress, and have worked on some really exciting WordPress projects for clients. We can help you too!

E-Commerce Development

No matter what you sell online, you need a well-crafted e-commerce solution to power it. Whether you're just getting started with e-commerce, run an established direct to consumer brand, or anything in between, we can help!

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