We blend technology with meaningful mission.

Mission Lab is a forward-thinking agency for turning big ideas into tailored solutions. We love helping mission-driven organizations create a better future. We work with startups and global nonprofits, churches and corporate brands.


APPS  |  Products  |  Integrations

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We can build you anything from a simple landing page to experimental platforms. If you need to push WordPress to its limits, we do that. If you need a custom full-stack solution, we can take it from concept to reality.


Websites  |  Branding  |  creative strategy

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Good design moves people. It’s visual storytelling that weaves your brand and objectives into a great user experience. We design to engage your audience - their thoughts and feelings - and to guide them towards deeper interaction.

Big Ideas

Forward thinking ideas  |  Research

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We love experimenting with big ideas and reimagining the future. And we’re also fond of proven best practices. Our team of researchers, nonprofit veterans, and strategists can give you creative roadmap and strategic blueprint to achieve your goals.