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Trusted by the world's biggest changemakers

Whether it's creating content for a billion-dollar nonprofit, advising strategy for a rising influencer, or developing technology for a leading university, our team has been a trusted solution by some of the world's biggest changemakers. We’ve even been a core contributor to WordPress' source code.

Thoughtful solutions from lived missional experience

But we’re not just coders and creatives. We understand missional context because we’ve lived it. We’re a team of frontline workers and nonprofit leaders. And it’s this experience as an educator, advocate, entrepreneur, pastor, fundraiser, and even missiological researcher that gives us that extra intuition needed for creating thoughtful solutions.



Tanner Moushey

Specializing in custom solutions, Tanner's work has pushed WordPress to its limits. He's even helped pioneer its future as a core contributor to WordPress’ source code and popular tools like Restrict Content Pro and BuddyPress. This expertise is why he’s trusted by big brands like Duke University, Northeastern University, and the 18,000 member congregation of Bayside Church. Tanner also creates products like StudyChurch, an online learning platform. And his WordPress plugins have amassed tens of thousands of downloads. He supports the industry by coaching other developers on best practices at events like WordCamp.


Chief Strategy Officer & Cofounder

Kent Shaffer

Kent is a creative strategist, who has given strategic counsel to some of the largest publishers, churches, nonprofits, and software companies including charity:water, Compassion International, and Cru. For the past decade, Kent has been exploring how to turn data into actionable impact by connecting nonprofits, funders, and specialists around some of today's biggest needs. Previously, Kent launched and sold a few tech startups and ran a boutique creative agency. He also spent a decade writing about nonprofit best practices on one of the top 100 faith-based blogs.



Chris Ostmo

For over 25 years, Chris has been coding solutions for complex problems. He got his start building ERP databases and apps for LG Electronics and Panasonic. This includes designing their system for tying sales forecasts into their manufacturing process. Chris also helped scale Sharefaith into one of the most popular church website platforms. And as an innate tinkerer, Chris even invented his own 3D printer. He loves the thrill of removing pain points and growing platforms.



Landon Otis

When he’s not climbing a mountain, Landon makes websites work beautifully. He brings calm, dependable stability to any project. That’s why he plays a key role in overseeing our ongoing client workflow. Whether it’s a quick fix or a robust build like Sales Hacker, Landon brings his thoughtful curiosity to each challenge. He also cares about people. You can see it in his work, and it comes second nature from his years of youth ministry.



Evie Shaffer

Evie is a visual storyteller specializing in design and award-winning photography. Her work has been seen in Anthropologie, West Elm, Martha Stewart, and Chronicle Books. Her experience ranges from designing a museum to creating ad campaigns for Fujifilm and Zondervan. Evie got her start designing websites for megachurches, and she’s evolved to creating complete brands for sectors like homeless services and entrepreneurial accelerators. To her, design should be simple, meaningful, and done with love.



Julie Tanis

Julie is the project manager who keeps Mission Lab running smoothly. She honed her attention to detail working as a nurse in Canada. And now she helps mission-minded projects turn ideas into impact. Whether you see her or not, she’s there every step of the way helping the team navigate the creative process or development stage. Julie is always adding something new to streamline and optimize Mission Lab’s engine.



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