I started working with web sites in 1995 on a VAX/VMS mainframe, and haven’t stopped ever since. I worked in plain PHP/MySQL until 2010 when I got into WordPress. Since then I’ve freelanced, been the CTO of a startup, worked for two different WordPress VIP agencies, and developed an internationally supported blog called When I’m not building web sites I’m a husband and father, and prefer to spend all my spare time with my family. I also have my pilot’s license, have climbed a mountain in Alaska, and have shaken the hand of the man who wrote the Oscar Mayer song.

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Making The Most of Networking At Your Tech Conference

I’ve been to over 25 technology and WordPress related events in the last 5 years, and I can say hands down my favorite part of any event is talking with people. Every single person has an interesting story to tell, and things for me to learn. The problem is that most conferences have more people than …

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