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Finding the Right Invoicing Solution

By Julie Tanis | March 2, 2017
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The options in choosing the right invoicing solution can seem overwhelming. We tested 7 invoicing software applications (in addition to researching others). So how did we decide on the right one? First, let me just say, you won’t find the perfect solution to meet all your needs. Where one company excels, the …

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How To Choose The Right Plugin

By Topher | February 23, 2017
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Imagine for a moment you’re at your local WordPress meetup. You’re there with a mission. Question and answer time arrives, you boldly put up your hand and say “My web site seems slow, what can I do to make it faster?” The answer you hear is “Ah, you want a …

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How to Measure Your Site’s Web Performance

By Dustin | February 17, 2017
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Lets face it, nobody likes a website that takes forever to respond. In our fast-paced society you sometimes have only seconds to capture your reader’s attention before they move on to the next article. You don’t want to burn those precious moments forcing your readers to look at a blank …

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4 Tips for Building a Thriving Online Community

By Tanner | February 6, 2017
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Here at iWitness Design, we spend a lot of time building membership and community sites. Let me just say that the work that we put into building the website is nothing compared to the work that goes into building the actual community around the new website. If you are interested in …

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A Focus On Our Customers

By Topher | February 3, 2017
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In our previous post we talked about how 2017 is a time of new beginnings. It has been that, in no uncertain terms. As the new year revs up we intend to make this blog focus specifically on our customers, and the content will be related to making the best …

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Starting 2017 Right

By Tanner | January 5, 2017
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2016 was a year of big changes for us. When the year started, iWitness Design was a DBA for my solo freelancing business. Business was booming and I was pretty content to continue working by myself. In fact, I would regularly tell people that I wasn’t interested in starting an …

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RCP Proration and How to Disable

By Tanner | April 6, 2016
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Of of the coolest features in the recent 2.5 release of Restrict Content Pro is the new ability to automatically prorate a user’s upgrade price. The way this works is if a user purchases a subscription for $10 and then changes his mind and wants the $20 plan instead, he is …

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Big Updates to Restrict Content Pro

By Tanner | April 1, 2016
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Earlier this week Restrict Content Pro announced a huge new release and also an update to their pricing model. I’m super excited about both of these things and if you are a membership site owner (or builder) you should be too. Here are three reasons why. 1. New Life As …

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