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Buffer – The tool to help your social marketing strategy and SEO

Last week we focused on some of our favorite tools to get things done. Tanner, lead founder of iWitness Design, highlighted Buffer as one of his favorites.

Buffer is an amazing tool that will help you dominate social media marketing. You can connect multiple accounts and queue up content for delivery. This means you can spend more time being productive and less time on social media.

We’ve been learning more about the great things Buffer can do. Not only can it help your social marketing strategy, but Buffer can greatly boost your SEO.

How can Buffer help my social marketing strategy?

Buffer makes it super easy to post to multiple social media platforms, all at the same time! If you feel something is only appropriate for 1 platform (for example: Twitter), then you can exclude your other platforms for that particular item. You simply check or uncheck which platform you would like to post to.  buffer social network

You can share things right away or add them to your schedule to post later. With your schedule, you decide what days and times you would like to share your posts. When you add items to your queue, they’ll automatically be shared. This is great to maintain a social presence over the weekend without having to actually work on the weekends! buffer queue

It’s great to post something on social media, but if you’re anything like us, sometimes it can be hard to find good content. Thanks to Buffer’s Content Inbox, there’s no need to scroll though your Twitter or Facebook feeds weeding out those political tweets and posts. Content Inbox is basically a RSS feed of all your favorite websites. Here you can quickly scan your resources and their latest posts. When you find something you like, “Add” it to your schedule and you’re done! buffer content inbox

What other cool features does Buffer have available?

  • Buffer’s Chrome Extension allows you to add a webpage to your queue without having to physically go to your account on
  • Analytics on recent posts including clicks, likes, shares, retweets, and potential.
  • More in-depth reports are available for teams/agencies.

How can Buffer help my SEO?

You may be thinking: This is all great, but will it really help my SEO?

The answer is: Yes!

Buffer has many tools to make sharing on social media quick and easy. You don’t even have to log in to your social media platforms to share anything. Now, I don’t actually recommend that. You should be logging in to your social media daily (if not multiple times a day) to like, share, or comment on other posts. The more visible you are on social media, the more potential traffic you bring to your site.

You have the opportunity to influence others. By interacting on social media you start building relationships. Building relationships builds trust. Soon people start recognizing your brand and consider you a competitor in your field. Sure, it takes time. A lot of time. So why not use a great tool like Buffer to make it a little easier?



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